I had found someone to pull the engine out of my truck (owner of Allen’s Wrench in Durham) and waited 9 days with no indication of a problem and then he pretty much blew me off the evening before he was going to extract the engine. This created a major problem for me because I needed to send the clutch and transmission measurements to EVA in order for them to machine the parts I needed before the holidays arrived. My plan was to do the conversion over the 14 holiday/vacation days around xmas. So I spent 4 days in a panic as I didn’t have a backup plan (always have a back-up plan).

I called The Car Care Center on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill and was introduced to Ray Briggs who has a very impressive Auto Garage of his own, and was willing to extract the engine for me. Since I needed the clutch asap, he pulled the transmission on a Tuesday night, and then pulled the engine on the following Thursday. I taped the whole thing and should have the video posted once I edit it down from hours to minutes. Had the truck towed back to my mini-garage the next morning, and its sitting there now. Ray is the nicest person you will ever meet and really helped me out of a jam. When you buy a new house, you hope that your next door neighbor is someone like Ray (or if not Ray then maybe a Swedish supermodel)..

So seriously, I have hours of video of these guys removing the engine, and one afternoon I’m going to make a killer video that will go viral on You-Tube (or not). For now, I’m just going to post this picture of Ray. In all that video, Ray is always working on the truck so here is a frame from the video of Ray trying to remove yet another bolt that is hard to reach.

Once we got the clutch out of the truck, Electric Vehicles of America (Bryan) helped me with a fast turn-around of the machined parts. I shipped the clutch using UPS Next Day Air to their machine shop on a Wednesday, and had the parts in my living room on early Saturday morning. I would have bet money that wasn’t possible. The guys at EVA would make excellent neighbors as well.

Viral video soon.. promise