The next step was to install the motor and transmission back into the truck. I had planned to set up my camera on the tripod and record the whole thing, but that didn’t happen. I did remember to at least snap a pic or two. Here is Vern and Stefan contemplating our next move. (Note to self… get someone else to take a picture with me in it, so that it looks like I’m actually doing some of the work).

At this point in the process, everything is proceeding as planned. However, not long after this picture was taken, the engine hoist was up against the front bumper… the chain was almost touching the back grate.. and the dog-ears on the motor were bumping into the engine mounts attached to the truck frame, and we still had a ways to go. Had to think for a while. Eventually, we removed one of the engine mounts and steered the dog ear on the opposite side into its engine mount. Then we re-attached the engine mount we removed, with the dog ear positioned inside.

After that, we all crawled up under the truck on that cold concrete floor and discussed how we were going to get the transmission moved to where it needed to be and then attached. By then, it was sitting on a floor jack. What we decided was that everyone was tired and hungry so we went into the house and  made some sandwiches. After the sandwiches, we decided it was late and Vern needed to go home. Stefan and I discussed more about how we should proceed and he was willing to continue working even though he needed to get up early and catch a plane (its almost xmas). I hated to turn down the help but I thought we were at a good stopping point, and we had a lot more to do, and that concrete floor was very cold, so we called it a night.