So once we got the transmission attached, it was time to attach the motor. This involved computing exactly where to drill holes in the dog ears… then removing the motor mount from around the electric motor… then drilling the holes… then putting the motor mount back around the motor… then threading the holes just drilled in the dog ears with the super strong bolts. There was no real science for any of these steps so we just winged it.

To figure out where to drill the holes, we placed the motor in space, using the engine hoist and the orange tie-downs, at the place where we thought it should be, using my brother-in-law’s best educated guess. Then we threaded the bolts into the engine mount from the side with the welded on nut, right up to the dog ears. Then we marked the dog ears where the bolt just touched it. This was not the first thing we tried, but it was the last, because this worked. Below is the same picture from the last post, because I didn’t take any pics of this process. Imagine that the orange tie-down is holding the engine in space, and the bolts are threaded from the opposite side, and just touching the dog ears.

Next we had to remove the motor mount (the large piece of metal that hugs the motor and has dog ears). To do this we had to unbolt one of the engine mounts (the large bracket thing that is bolted to the frame of the truck). Remember that the motor is attached to the transmission which is locked into place under the truck. The motor can move around a little, but not enough to remove the motor mount without removing one of the engine mounts.

So now we can drill the holes in the dog ears. I had lots of practice drilling holes in metal after we drilled the 6 holes in the Adapter plate. This was only 2 holes so it should be easy. The bolts are 3/8 inch bolts and so we drilled a 3/8 inch hole. When we tried to insert the bolt, the hole was too small. Apparently, when you drill into metal (as opposed to wood) you need to drill a slightly larger hole. However, the next size drill bit I had was 1/2″ which was way too big, so next step was yet another trip to Lowes. Also, Vern’s time had run out so I was on my own for the rest of the day.

At Lowes I bought a 25/64 drill bit, a 13/32 drill bit and a 7/16 drill bit (you do the math). After drilling using the 25/64 drill bit, the hole was still too small, so I tried the 13/32 drill bit and the bolt went though. The 7/16 drill bit is still un-opened.

So now all I had to do was wrap the motor mount back around the motor and thread the super strong bolts into the holes I just drilled. As it turns out, this was not easy. In order to thread the bolts through both sides of the engine mount, plus the holes I just drilled in the dog ears, I had to line everything up using the orange tie-downs and an engine hoist, to a very exact tolerance. As usual, it took awhile as I experimented, but eventually I got the bolts through the dog ears and the picture above was taken shortly after that.

This was quite a milestone in the project… Next step: Control Board