Today was a good day. Vern came over this morning and brought his impact drill, and an air compressor to run it.. and apparently a giant orange slinky. The amount of effort it took to get that whole setup from his garage to my garage so we could tighten that one taper bolt… is just insane! but it worked! so we were both happy to be finally done with the steering..

Here is a pic of the steering box completely hooked up (finally!!) and ready to steer. The orange thing that is in the way, is a battery box. I provided a hint so you can find the taper bolt.

I spent most of the last few days working on the wiring. In the picture below, I’ve removed most of the loom from around the wiring so I could figure out what I still needed and what I could cut.. The fuse box is out of frame on the right and all the wires are running from it to the on-board computer on the upper left (the silver thing). Then a bunch of the wires are running from the computer to other places. There are also about 25 homeless connectors (don’t show up as well as the wires in the pic) that used to hook up to things all over the engine compartment, that are no longer there.

Below is the after pic.. I’ve cut back all the wires that are no longer needed, and put loom (the black tubes) around the rest of them. You can also see that I’ve mounted the computer on the side of the wheel well (silver thing on left). Since the wheel well is curved in all directions, and the computer is square and flat, I mounted it on a piece of 1/4″ polyethylene, and then mounted the polyethylene to the wheel well using smaller polyethylene spacers and also some neoprene (rubber material like they use to make wet suits) to absorb vibration. I had to mount it low because my control board will be sitting on top of the orange posts and so the computer had to be below that.

BTW.. the computer used to control stuff all over the vehicle, but the only thing that it is still doing (that I know of) is computing how fast the truck is traveling and sending that information to the speedometer (and maybe the Anti-lock braking system.. and ok it also keeps track of how many miles the truck has traveled). Some day in the future I might figure out how to build a small device that can just handle the speed and distance, so I can remove that large silver box from the motor compartment. Until then, there it is, taking up space.

And here is a pic of me.. checking out the loom.. Its typically cold in my garage but Spring will be here soon..